Monday, September 23, 2013

Over the Weekend and FUN

Yesterday I went to a design conference that AIGA put on. It's called Think Tank. They have it every year and have professionals come speak to the design community. I learned some and just had a good time. 2 of my co-workers went and it was nice to hang out with them outside of work. I hope to do more of that kind of stuff in the coming years.

The next day I got up early and ran 5 miles with a friend. It was pretty cold, but when we got in the sun it was too warm. We finished and felt great! Later that evening I got ready to go to the FUN concert. It was a lot of "fun"!!! They were really good live and so was their opener, Tegan & Sara. This is what I wore (from the chest up) to the show. I have on the Amber and Blue Long Earrings.

By the way, it was in the 50's that night! I wore boots and had a hoodie, but I was still freezing. I have to get used to this cold weather. Although it's hard when it's in the freakin' 80s during the day and 50s at night.

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