Friday, September 20, 2013

Blue Skull Earrings

Here is a photo of me wearing the super cute blue skull earrings. I totally cannot take a good selfie. I have problems finding my "good" side, smiling correctly and looking at the right place at the right angle. It's really a science I think!

Anyway, these are really cute and look great on. You should all go get a pair! I have other colors, too. Green, purple, yellow, orange and pink. I have white ones that are also for sale in the shop.

I haven't totally decided what I'm going to do on this blog. 

1. I'd like to show more photos of customers and myself wearing the jewelry I make. 
2. I'd like to show DIY projects if I ever do any. I'll also try to show my inspiration for pieces. Sometimes that comes from a shirt or shoes that I want something new to wear with. 
3. I have started running, lifting weights and eating healthy, so I would like to give updates about that.
4. I might show some how-to's so you can make your own pieces or fix broken ones. Thoughts on that?
5. I am a graphic designer as well as a jewelry designer so I would like to sometimes show things I am working on in my other design world.

Anything else you all would like me to talk about? I think this will just take some time to evolve. First thing I need to do is just start posting consistently.

Thanks for listening!

1 comment:

  1. I like the DIY projects idea, I've always admired your hand painted rug in your condo! Health and fitness updates also sound fun. How to's are always good and fun to watch/read. I always want to see your graphics work!